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We have extracted a wide range of tunes from across our publications and made them available as 'Singles' (a solo melody line with accompaniment) for a selection of instruments. Each piece is different in range and character, but all share the same craftsmanship and attention to detail.

This our 'pocket money' section.  Each 'Single' costs £1.00, and the MP3 backing track a further £1.00. With guidance from their tutors, young instrumental students can find a suitable 'Single' and equip themselves with the sheet music and backing track very affordably.

Please note, these tunes are designed to stand alone as solos: the versions for different instruments are in different keys, and therefore not necessarily able to be played together. Keys for different versions are clearly stated, in concert pitch. Please check carefully that you are selecting the PDF and/or the backing track that you intend.

The sample tracks are presented on one instrumental sound and in one key only: all available backing tracks are in the keys of the related printed music.

The 'Singles' catalogue is listed below by title. You can also make choosing easier by viewing the catalogue listed by instrument. Click here for instrument listing.

New titles, additional versions and further backing tracks are being added regularly, so please check back from time to time.

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